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The Best Banner Exchange Link Exchange Ad Exchange Resources

Starting an online business is not so difficult task now a days. The businesses can be built in pennies (literally! though investing in a proper manner is very beneficial).

But The big task is to get the TRAFFIC! 


Many good businesses and online portal are FAILING to get a good amount of traffic and hence most of the online businesses are ceasing. Painful but true. Traffic is the key to earn money. Most of the online portals (including this :P) are in for making money) and traffic is the key to this.

Surfing and searching the Internet gives many an ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES. But how many businesses can afford advertising rates of upto $15 PER CLICK or higher. Yes, many of the biggest advertising providers charge so much money from you. The bigger question is: Is it wise to pay such insane amount just to get ONE visitor to your site?

Definitely NOT. Unless and until you have huge budgets and want to have quick visitors AT ANY COST. The solution to this is Exchanges. They are in various names like Link Exchanges, Banner Exchanges, Ad Exchanges but they all do similar things – mutual sharing of traffic! Sounds good? The GREAT thing is – it is FREE. Moreover, if you spend a little money, you will get huge success in terms of traffic as they are cheap and readily available. 

Check out some of the best exchanges:


1800 Banners :

Claiming themselves to be “Fastest Growing Ad-Exchange on the Planet”, this site is an excellent resource to traffic. They are providing a good network for exchange. During their peek time they delivered a whooping 1 millions ads on a single day! Just see how much potential you have to make a great traffic to your website.

You get an opportunity to:

  • Exchange ads with other publishers
  • Earn cash from revenue sharing
  • Earn from referrals
  • Block unwanted Campaigns


 TrafficG :

TrafficG  has been there since the year 2000 and have been dominating the traffic exchange business. They are leading the way with some excellent ground breaking features and services. Just Check out a few of the features of this site. No doubt this is one of the Fat Cats of the traffic exchange business. Check out some of the features:

  • Better Than 1:1 Hit Exchange
  • Promote Unlimited Sites
  • Manual 20 second surfing
  • 48 Hour unique hits
  • 5 level reward program
  • Geo Targeting of your ads
  • 23 Languages Supported
  • Contests
  • Access to the best banner exchange on the internet
  • Promote Unlimited Banners
  • Free Listing in the TrafficG directory
  • Your own special promotions page
  • 100% Free to Join
  • 100% Free to Use

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